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UMaine Center on Aging

The mission of the Center On Aging is to promote and facilitate activities on aging
in the areas of education, research and evaluation, and community service.


  • Gateway Seniors Wihout Walls
    Gateway Seniors Without Walls offers programs that provide practical information on such topics as benefits (for example, Social Security and Medicare), health, aging, and community resources. The group sponsors a wide array of recreational programs that promote meaningful social interactions; in addition, some stimulate learning; some improve physical fitness, strength and balance; and some encourage self-expression. The group emphasizes ties to the greater community through volunteer work and inter-generational activities. And the group supports seniors in transition by providing important information and social networking for caregivers, elders living alone, those in need of resources, and those who are ill or in poor health.
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  • RSVP of Hancock, Penobscot, Piscataquis, and Washington Counties
    Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is one of the largest senior volunteer organizations nationally.  RSVP engages adults, 55 years and older, in volunteer service that utilizes their skills, knowledge and experience to improve the lives of others in their communities.  RSVP volunteers help young children enhance literacy skills, tutor elementary age children in math and science, help seniors improve bone density, strength and balance through exercise, helps seniors stay in their own homes through meal deliveries, transportation, respite for caregivers and companionship,  as well as support local veterans as they access services, undergo rehabilitation and transition back to civilian life.  RSVP volunteers say their volunteer service keeps them active and engaged in their communities and also keeps them young.
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  • Encore Leadership Corps (ENCorps)
    ENCorps is a free training and support program offering a unique opportunity for everyday Maine people 50 years old and older to give back to their community through volunteerism. The program’s workshops and classes help older adult volunteers maximize their involvement in the community, promote change and resolve conflicts. Each year ENCorps trains growing numbers of Mainers from around the state to be ENCorps volunteer leaders in the areas of environmental stewardship, grassroots leadership and community development, with an emphasis on making decisions that protect and improve the quality of life for all community residents. A two-day summit includes training sessions with state and national leaders focused on improving and protecting the quality of life in Maine through. The summit is followed by regular training opportunities, regional gatherings, stipend opportunities, workshops and a monthly newsletter. ENCorps partners with the Maine Community Foundation to carry out the project. Initial project funding was provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Aging Initiative and the Atlantic Philanthropies. Additional matching support is provided by Jane’s Trust, Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust, and the Davis Conservation Foundation.
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  • Community Service Program Archives
    Learn more about past community service programs administered by the Center on Aging.
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