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UMaine Center on Aging

The mission of the Center On Aging is to promote and facilitate activities on aging
in the areas of education, research and evaluation, and community service.


Geriatric Social Work Curriculum Infusion Project

Geriatric Social Work initiative

A Project of the Council on Social Work Education and the University of Washington, with the generous support of the John A. Hartford Foundation and its Geriatric Social Work Initiative (GSWI)

Why Aging, Savvy Social Workers?

The number of older people, particularly the oldest old (85+), is growing, and these elders often need more assistance to remain active and independent. Older people, when they need help, receive it mainly from their families or a combination of family care and assorted community-based health and social services.

Aging-savvy social workers serve as "navigators" and "expediters," enabling older adults and their families to understand and choose among the bewildering array of available health and social services.

Meeting the Need: The Geriatric Enrichment Program                

2002-2003 Team
Student learning team 02

While social workers are central to developing home and community-based services for our aging population, they often lack current gerontological knowledge and skills. This exciting national effort will increase the number, quality and sustainability of aging-rich learning experiences (in classroom curricula, field practicums, lectures, presentations and other activities) at both the undergraduate and graduate levels of social work education.To facilitate this wide range of social work learning experiences, the Geriatric Enrichment Program has provided grants to academic faculty at schools, large and small, across the country.

For more information about the national program contact:
Geriatric Enrichment in Social Work Education
(206) 221-HART (4278)

University of Maine Geriatric Enrichment in Social Work Education Program

Project Director:
Dr. Lenard Kaye
Phone: 207-581-3483


03-04 Student Team

Student Learning Team 03-04

GeroRich Student Learning Team:

Students are at the very core of what the Center on Aging is all about.  They are an integral part of our projects and research.  Each year a team of both BSW and MSW students hone their skills in program planning and implementation, conducting community research, and participating in grants development.  These students bring impressive talent, creativity, and a willingness to work exceedingly hard to Center programs and engage their fellow students in the School of Social Work in the mission of serving older adults.

Current Student Team:

Rosamond Kreilkamp, Robert Kitchen and Jason Charland make up this year’s Hartford field work student team.  Rounding out the team are two Graduate Research Assistants with special interests in aging:  Jennifer Crittenden, a MSW student, and Barbara Hermann, a Psychology Doctoral candidate.

Past Student Teams:


Lisa Croce, Sarah Bohnson, Kristen Nadeau, Carol Solinger, and Deb Francis.


Judy Anderson, Sarah Denis, Christine Martel, and Daryne Sanford.

Boston University Grant:

The University of Maine School of Social Work and Center on Aging recently received a $3000 GeroRich Training Initiative grant from Boston University.  Efforts are being made to implement the work plan associated with developing a rural social work and aging training curriculum entitled, “Rural Social Work and Aging:  the Skills you Need to Know.” Look for these sessions in the Center on Aging's spring Professional Excellence in Geriatics Sessions (PEGS).

Karen Martin and Michele Dionne 2004 Mini Grant Winners

Karen Martin and Michelle Dionne

Research Awards:

Each fall, the UMCoA awards mini-grants to support graduate student research in aging. Below are past awardees.


  • Karen Martin, Michelle Dionne, and Matt Lord: “Age Bias in Diagnosing PTSD”, examined age discrimination in the treatment of trauma survivors.
  • Corey Walmer and Roberta Heald:  “Physician Hospice Utilization Survey:  Franklin County, ME”, investigated physician perceptions of hospice benefits and barriers to use.
  • Carol Solinger, Daryne Sandford, Judy Anderson, and Christine Martel:  studied the difference between rural and urban caregiver perception and need for volunteer respite in, “Volunteer Caregiver Respite.”


  • Lisa Fidler: Through the STARS program at Bangor Mental Health Institute, Lisa studied the relationship between “Discharge Planning and the Basis-32,” a scale measuring difficulties in daily living.
  • CarolAnn McEachern-Murphy and Katrina Sherman: investigated the rates at which general practitioners screen adults of varying ages for substance abuse through, “The Impact of Case Conceptualization on People with Co-Occurring Disorders.”
  • Faith H. Griffith: researched the number of aging urban Indians who may need mental health treatment in, “Wabanaki Mental Health Center: Needs Assessment for Aging Urban Indians in Maine.”
  • Eileen Tropy, Lisa Keyser, Kimm Cooney, and Sherri Cauthen: studied the “Motivations and Consequences of Aging Women Coming Out as Lesbian at Midlife.”

Alumni in Aging Advisory Council

The University of Maine Geriatric Enrichment in Social Work Education Program is guided by the Alumni in Aging Advisory Council. The Council is composed of BSW and MSW graduates of the University of Maine School of Social Work engaged in social work with older adults in the greater Bangor region.

Alumni in Aging Advisory Council Members

Tilly Atkins, MSW
Bangor Area Visiting Nurses
Mary Bragdon, MSW
Kevin Byrne, MSW
Elder Independence
Kathy Caliendo, MSW
Acadia Hospital
Penny Gray, MSW
Eastern Maine Medical Center - Acute Rehabilitation
Jane Harris-Bartley, MSW
Senior Companion Program
University of Maine
Martha Higgins, MSW
Department of Human Services
Bureau of Elder and Adult Services
Ralph McPhearson, MSW
Wayne Moore, MSW
Neurology Associates of Eastern Maine
Linda Murphy, MSW
Eastern Maine Medical Center - Oncology
Kathy Muzzy, LCSW
Private Practice
Trudy Neal, LSW
Westgate Manor
Denise O'Connell, MSW
Brewer Rehabilitation & Living Center
Jessica Perry, LSW
Stillwater Health Care
Melissa Rice, LSW
Ross Manor
Vanessa Soul, LSW
Elder Independence