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UMaine Center on Aging

The mission of the Center On Aging is to promote and facilitate activities on aging
in the areas of education, research and evaluation, and community service.


Maine Partners for Elder Protection

Download MePEP project materials here

Project funding provided by the Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF)

    Who Can Help?

    If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, neglect, or exploitation contact:

    Adult Protective Services


     Being abused by someone you love is frightening and degrading. A Spruce Run Worker is available 24 hours a day. All services are free and confidential.

    Spruce Run


    (Penobscot County)

    If you are concerned for yourself or for someone you care about, call the 24 Hour Helpline to speak with an advocate.

    1- 888-564-8165


    (Piscataquis County)

    If you are concerned about the care received, or the rights, health, safety or welfare of persons living in long term care facilities contact:

    The Maine Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program


    For information about elder abuse and resources in your community contact:

    Your local Agency on Aging


    Free, high quality legal assistance to socially and economically needy Maine residents age 60 and older

    Legal Services For the Elderly


    The Office of the Attorney General uses the law to protect and serve the people of Maine.

    Maine Attorney General


Maine Partners for Elder Protection (MePEP) forges an innovative partnership among rural primary care practices (PCPs) in Penobscot and Piscataquis Counties , an Area Agency on Aging (AAA), a university center on aging, and elder abuse community advocates. MePEP will demonstrate that primary health care is an effective and efficient site for early elder abuse screening because older adults will more likely utilize support when need is validated by a trusted medical provider and assistance is personally tailored.

A combination of paper and electronic brief screens administered during routine medical appointments will identify patients 60 years and older that are at risk of elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation. An elder care specialist will assess and respond to patient need. Education workshops and information will be provided to community sites through the project.

What is Elder Abuse?

Abuse: The infliction of injury, unreasonable confinement, intimidation or cruel punishment with resulting physical harm or pain or mental anguish; sexual abuse or exploitation; or the willful deprivation of essential needs.

Neglect: A threat to an adult's health or welfare by physical or mental injury or impairment, deprivation of essential needs or lack of protection from these.

Exploitation: The illegal or improper use of an incapacitated adult or his resources for another's profit or advantage.


  • Sexual Abuse
  • Abandonment
  • Self-neglect

How Many Elders Are Abused?

  • As many as 5 million older persons are abused nationally every year 
  • An estimated 12,000 incidents of abuse occur in Maine annually
  • 75-85% of elder abuse in Maine is never reported

What Are Risk Factors Elders Face?

Risk factors may include:

  • A pattern of domestic violence that continues as victim ages
  • Dependence of abuser on victim
  • Substance use of abuser

    Not highly correlated with elder abuse:

  • Caregiver stress
  • Victim's personal traits
  • Victim's cognitive impairment
  • Victim's physical impairment

    What are the Facts About Elder Abuse?

    Most abusers are family members

  • Adult children
  • Spouse
  • Grandchildren

    Neglect is the most common type of abuse, followed by Financial Exploitation


    Victims have twice as many physician visits & are at greater health risk than elders who have not been abused

      MePEP Partnering Organizations:  
      Adult Protective Services 

      Dexter Family Practice 
      Dover-Foxcroft Family Medicine 

      Elder Abuse Institute of Maine
      Eastern Agency on Aging
      Maine Health Alliance
      Milliken Medical Center

      Norumbega Medical Evergreen Woods

      Penobscot Community Health Center

      Technical Advisory Board:
      ME DHHS;  BEAS  

      Eastern Agency on Aging
      Eastern Maine Health Care  
      Elder Abuse Institute of Maine 

      Home Resources of Maine

       Legal Services for the Elderly

      Maine Health Alliance

      Penobscot County Sheriff's Department

      Penobscot Community Health Center

       Skelton Law Offices

      Spruce Run 

      Sunbury Primary Care

      University of Maine School of Nursing

      University of Maine School of Social Work


      For More Information Contact:
        UMaine Center on Aging

      Camden Hall

      25 Texas Avenue
        Bangor, Maine 04401-4324

      telephone: 207-262-7920
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