UMS Aging Initiative Faculty and Student Travel Award

Purpose: The UMaine Center on Aging is issuing a limited number of travel awards to support the work of the UMS aging initiative. Funds can be used to support travel connected with either current or future research endeavors related to the field of aging as follows:

• To present aging-related research findings at local, state, national, and international conferences;
• To learn about or expand expertise in aging, including learning how existing research, approaches, and technologies could be reconfigured or better aligned to meet the needs of older adults, caregivers, and others impacted by aging;
• Or to network and make new connections with colleagues in the field of aging that will benefit either current or future aging-related research

Eligibility: Faculty, staff and students from any of the UMS campuses are eligible to apply for travel funds. Travel expenses must be incurred and processed no later than June 30, 2017. No exceptions.

Funding Available: Funds are limited. Faculty/staff requests should total no more than $1,000. Student requests are limited to $300. Requests must be accompanied by an estimated travel budget and an estimation of existing financial resources available through departmental sources.

Criteria: Travel applications will be evaluated based on the strength of the connection to the aging initiative goals and aging-related research. Travel requests should identify how the work advances successful aging in Maine and the nation through any number of the following:
• maximizing individual productivity
• minimizing institutionalization and the need for costly long-term care
• preventing and mitigating the impact of illness and injury
• promoting community integration, social engagement, full accessibility, personal independence, vitality, mobility, elder friendly communities and citizen safety
• maintaining productive partnerships with the business and nonprofit sectors.

A priority will be placed on travel connected with existing UMS aging initiative workgroups and their goals as well. Student applications will be assessed based on the potential for helping students learn about and connect their existing graduate or undergraduate work to aging.

Funds can be used for any local, state, national, or international conference as long as the request meets the criteria above. In particular, students are encouraged to attend the Maine Geriatrics Conference noted below. Some examples of appropriate conferences of interest include:

• Boomer Business Summit, March 23, 2017:
• American Society on Aging, March 20-24, 2017:
• Maine Geriatrics Conference, June 7-8, 2017:
• IAGG 2017 World Congress of Gerontology & Geriatrics, July 23-27, 2017*:
*advanced costs must be processed by June 30th for this and other conferences that occur after the end of FY17.

Application deadline (please use the links below to submit): February 17, 2017, 4:30pm

Questions?: Contact Jennifer Crittenden at 207-262-7923;

Online application submission forms

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Student Link: