Fall 2017 On-Line Courses in Gerontological Practice

Fall 2017 On-Line Courses in Gerontological Practice!



*GRN 500 (Formally SWK584 and SWK 497/597): Overview of the Opportunities and Challenges of Aging (Instructor: Dr. Lenard Kaye)

One of three courses required to receive the Interprofessional Graduate Certificate Program in Gerontology

This course addresses the special challenges and opportunities associated with aging with a special focus on growing old in small towns and rural communities. In addition, it centers on the comparative assessment, treatment, and service delivery implications of gerontological practice for a range of health and human service practitioners. The experience of aging, gerontological theories, and current health and human service policies and programs which impact older adults and their families will be considered. The role and status of older adults as a population group and a potential patient/client group will be assessed recognizing that elders bring both needs and resources to families, communities, and the professional helping relationship. This course also satisfies the elective requirement for the Program in Leadership in Rural Gerontological Practice at the University of Maine School of Social Work. (3 credits)

*This course can be taken separately or as part of the University of Maine Interprofessional Graduate Certificate Program in Gerontology. To register for these courses and learn more about the Certificate, you can visit the webpage for the Certificate at the following address: https://online.umaine.edu/graduate-certificates/interprofessional-graduate-certificate-in-gerontology/
The Interprofessional Graduate Certificate Program in Gerontology is designed to increase the knowledge, skills, and abilities of health care and human service professionals who provide care to older adults in a variety of settings. The curriculum will meet the needs of working professionals who, because of the rapidly aging population, find themselves caring for a growing number of older adults. This 9-credit certificate program, consisting of 3 courses, is offered online.


GRN 503: Health Policy Issues of an Aging Population (Instructor: Lenard Kaye)

This course focuses on the social, economic, and health challenges confronting our society with regard to the aging of the population from policy and program planning perspectives. Students will examine and critically analyze current social and health care policies and trends and resultant service delivery systems as they impact families generally, and older adults specifically. It will consider the historical context out of which the current aging infrastructure has evolved. Policies and legislative mandates will be examined in the context of a scarce resource environment, special interest group politics, and matters of equity, social justice, and fairness. (2 credits)