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Trainings and Materials from The Lifelong Communities Fellows Program

Social Media for Lifelong Communities: Tools You Can Use

April 30, 2020

Description: Having social media in your team’s tool kit can be an important element in fulfilling your mission. From events and volunteerism to resource sharing and fundraising, this webinar is designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of how to leverage these tools to connect with various stakeholders. Planning content and framing your message will also be covered. A special emphasis is placed on Facebook Pages & Groups, in addition to Instagram and Twitter.

Presenters: Lisa Arhontes-Marshall, Founder, Beehive Development

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Volunteer Management for Lifelong Communities

March 9, 2020

Description: Lifelong communities efforts rely on the power of volunteers to make change happen locally. Properly channeling the time and energy of these individuals entails the use of key strategies that can ensure that your volunteers will remain engaged and invested in the work. This webinar on volunteer management was specifically designed for lifelong communities. Basic tenets of volunteer management are discussed including how to sustain your volunteer base, tools for tracking impact, and examples of best practices from the field.

Presenters: Mary Hadlock, RSVP/Volunteer Services Director, Southern Maine Agency on Aging
Doug Wilson, MS/MIS, Agewell Specialist, Southern Maine Agency on Aging

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2019 Volunteer Survey
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VolunteerEnrollment Form 2020


Sustaining Your Lifelong Communities Work: Strategies for Embedding The Work in Your Community

January 30, 2020

Description: This webinar focuses on strategies for sustaining lifelong communities efforts through policies and practices at the community and organizational levels.

Presenters: Kathy Black, Ph.D., Professor of Aging Studies, University of South Florida, Sarasota – Manatee

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Re-Framing Aging

October 17, 2019 & November 6, 2019

Description: Lifelong Communities initiatives challenge popular attitudes toward aging and raise awareness of the value of older people. This two-session workshop is based in the Frameworks Institute Reframing Aging Project.

Presenters: Patricia Oh, Ph.D., Lifelong Communities Consultant
Anne Schroth, Program Coordinator, Healthy Peninsula & 2019 Lifelong Communities Fellow

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Lessons Learned from Maine’s Lifelong Communities Movement:
Special Topics for Lifelong Communities

MAY 30, 2019

Wells Conference Center

Orono, Maine

The University of Maine Center on Aging in partnership with the Maine Community Foundation held a special learning and networking event specifically designed for lifelong communities initiatives including Age-Friendly Communities, village models, and independent lifelong community planning efforts.

Lifelong Communities Event Final Program

Lifelong Communities Event Summary Report

Lifelong Communities Event Speaker List


Handouts and Resources

~ Lifelong Community Engagement Resources ~

AARP: Engaging the Community to Create Community

Collective Impact Forum: Community Engagement ToolKit

TSLCA: Coalition Building


~ Successful Volunteer Strategies for Lifelong Communities ~

Strategic Volunteer Engagement

Grantmakers in Aging: Recruiting, Motivating, and Keeping Volunteers

TSLCA Webinar: So You Want to Run a Volunteer Program

TSLCA Webinar: The Care and Feeding of Volunteers

TSLCA Webinar: Engaging Volunteers


~ Structuring Your Lifelong Communities Committee for Success ~

Community ToolBox: Building Leadership

Grantmakers in Aging: Building and Balancing Leadership Teams

Maine Guide to Building Livable, Age-Friendly Communities


~General Lifelong Communities Resources of Interest~

Sullivan AF Handout PDF

Aging Well in Waldo County

Age-Friendly Coastal Communities

Age Friendly Saco

Saco Brochure

Tri-State Learning Collaborative Community Profiles


~General Lifelong Communities Resources of Interest~

AARP’s Livable Communities Library

Tri-State Learning Collaborative Overview

Tri-State Learning Collaborative on Aging  (Free to join!)


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