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UMaine Center on Aging

The mission of the Center On Aging is to promote and facilitate activities on aging
in the areas of education, research and evaluation, and community service.



The Center on Aging comprises three major divisions of programmatic activity:

Division 1: Education and Training

The emphasis in the Division of Aging Education includes:

  • Promoting and strengthening life-long learning opportunities for older Maine citizens
  • Providing training programs on aging-related topics for personnel in Maine government, business and industry
  • Providing specialized continuing education for the state's medical, health and social service providers
  • Serving as an internship site for students interested in aging studies and careers working with Maine's older adults and their families
  • Promoting and strengthening of undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education coursework, majors, and specializations in aging-related topics for undergraduate and graduate students

    Click here for a list of Education & Training Programs

Division 2: Research and Evaluation

The emphasis in the Division of Aging Research and Evaluation includes:

  • Providing technical assistance, consultation, and a sponsoring site for faculty and community researchers developing aging research proposals and conducting aging research
  • Performing community program and service evaluations and applied aging research studies
  • Consulting with local and state government and public officials on aging-related issues including the preparation of commissioned position papers and the performance of program feasibility and analysis studies
  • Disseminating aging research and best practice innovation by means of Center publications and professional and community presentations.

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Division 3: Services and Consultation

The emphasis in the Division of Aging Services and Consultation includes:

  • Offering technical assistance and consultation to Maine's community organizations and agencies, businesses, and corporations in the areas of aging program planning and design, evaluation and quality assurance, administration and management, and staffing
  • Providing consultative assistance to the state and its municipal localities concerning aging-related human resource needs and the development and delivery of education and training programs to meet those needs
  • Organizing special programs for community elders and their families
  • Serving as an information and resource center for persons interested in the study of aging related topics

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