Health Chat Resources


Eastern Area Agency on Aging: 1-800-432-7812 or (207) 941-2865,

EAAA Wellness Group

Furry Friends Food Bank:

Meals on Wheels:

Caregiver Services:

Senior Companion Program: 207-262-7927

Center on Aging Registry:



Christine B. Foundation: (207) 517-0256

Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center:


Northern Light Caring Calls Program: 207-973-7848

Purple Iris Foundation:, 207-579-1969

Caring Connections

Phone Support Group available through Hancock County Hospice Volunteers – # 667-2531

Dempsey Center

Pine Tree Hospice

Association of Maine Cancer Support Centers


Brain Health

Facebook group for wellness:

Eastern Area Agency on Aging phone number: 1-800-432-7812

Alzheimer’s Association:

NIA brain health:


UNE Legacy Scholars:

American Heart Association:

Social Media
News Guard Tool:
WHO Mythbusters:
The three questions in the presentation come from this article,
For the misinformation challenge:

Grandfamilies & Kinship Parents

Adoptive & Foster Familes of Maine, Kinship /

Covid response

Maine Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics webpage of Foster Care

Information about COVID 19 in children:

Supporting children during COVID 19:

Maine Governor’s Children’s Cabinet page of resources:

Maine Department of Education toolkit:

OCFS COVID 19 page:

Sesame Street:

Talking to Children about racism:

App to video call grandkids:


UMaine Cooperative Extension Gardening

Public Health

Deciding to go Out CDC checklist

Link to “exposure Budget”®ion=ccolumn&action=click&module=editorContent&pgtype=Article®ion=CompanionColumn&contentCollection=Trending

This is an interesting interview with a biologist that specializes in animal epidemiology. It was published on Medscape.

This is the article written by the biologist mentioned above. You can go from the above interview to this article directly.  However I had difficulty sharing the information from the website so I split them up in case you wanted to share either with someone else.


Website for psychology:
Phone number for the psychology services center: 207-581-2034

Guided meditation:
Headspace ap:


Hearing & Communication

You can use a captioning app called LIVE Transcribe (Android only)

Phonak App:

For the University of Maine audiology clinic 207-581-2006

For Zoom and conference calls, you can schedule Relay Conference Captioning which provides live captions Go to:

Debra Bare-Rogers, Disability Rights Maine,
We have two programs that you may find useful: Telecommunications Equipment Program and Telecommunications Relay Services. Reach out me for more information.


Aging Well with Technology Power Point Presentation

MDII Overview

NDEC Online Webinar Classes 

Sleep Health

American Academy of Sleep Medicine:

American Psychological Association (APA):,your%20body%20is%20getting%20enough%20sleep.%20More%20

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Mayo Clinic:

Sleep Foundation: and

Home Care

Veterans Independence Program

Powerpoint presentation shared during the chat SJH Homecare and Hospice Lunch and Learn Updated 08082020


The Iris Network:

Macular Degeneration Association

Advocacy Techniques for Every Person During the Pandemic



Attending Legislative Hearings:

Preparing Healthful Meals

Iowa State link to the Squash cutting hack:

Food Preservation:

Webinar about Dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables:

How to Dry (from the National Center for Home Food Preservation):

The MyPlate Plan shows your food group targets – what and how much to eat within your calorie allowance. Your food plan is personalized, based on your age, sex, height, weight, and physical activity level.

Senior Food Box Flyer: Senior Food Box Flyer 2020-2021

Staying Active and Exercising During COVID 19

National Council on Aging: 


National Institute on Aging:

American Cancer Society:

Alzheimer’s Association:

University of New England U-Excel:

American Heart Association: