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The Senior Companion Program currently serves all of Maine’s counties except for York and Cumberland. The Senior Companion Program has an average of 100 Companions who serve an average 350 clients. Last year Companions made 22,644 client visits for a total of 73,811 hours of volunteer time. Be a part of the effort by making a donation to the Senior Companion Program.

Your donation will help support of the Senior Companion Program, the annual Recognition Banquet Luncheon in honor of all of the dedication and hard work of the program’s Senior Companions, insurance costs, annual physicals, and other related expenses.

Make an online donation.

Or print and fill out the form below and mail it along with your donation to:

Senior Companion Program
Camden Hall, 25 Texas Avenue

Bangor, ME  04401

Make checks payable to the University of Maine-SCP. Do not send cash through the U.S. mail.

Yes, I want to help support the Senior Companion Program!Levels of Giving (check one):__ Friend ($1-$50)
__ Supporter ($51-$100)
__ Sponsor ($101-$250)
__ Benefactor ($251 and above)
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Thank you for your generous support!

To have a donation card sent to you, please call 207.262.7929.