Jacob Ackroyd

Jacob is a Student Administrative Assistant at the University of Maine Center on Aging. He is an undergraduate at the University of Maine at Orono getting a B.S in Finance with a concentration in Management Information Systems. Jacob’s interests include information technology, cybersecurity, investments, chess, and his fraternity Alpha Tau Omega. Jacob is a part of the Inter fraternity Council (IFC), the Institute of Managerial Accountants (IMA), and the Student Alumni Ambassador Association (SAA). He has been a member of the Maine community in central Maine for most of his life attending Maine Central Institute in Pittsfield for his high school education. Jacob hopes to be able to hone his skills in IT and IS and get his IT certification, then move forward with acquiring new experience with all branches of finance. He is personally interested in the dichotomy between the elderly and their community including late-life savings and sustainment.